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<span class="first">Since 1999, Diacan, A Canadian diamond company </span><span class="second"> located in Toronto has specialized in supplying wholesale diamonds in Canada.</span>

Diamond Education

Buy engagement ring online - Diamond Education

Diamonds grades are assigned based on their symmetry, colour, and clarity. The stones are priced based on their characteristics. Higher quality diamonds are more expensive. Canada Diamond website offers a vast collection of diamonds for you.

You will find the diamond that you desire in Canada Diamond the best place to buy engagement ring online. But if you are not an expert in identifying different types of diamonds, it will be very difficult for you to find the diamond that is perfect for you. The information listed below can help you select the diamond that is right for you in buying diamond engagement rings online. If you do not like to read all that information, just call us and we will help you understand it.

Shapes of Canada Diamond
Know about Different shapes of diamond.
Cut of Canada Diamond
Know about how diamonds are cut.
Colour of Canada Diamond
Know more about the colour variations.
Diamond Clarity
Know how the clarity of a diamond can be affected by inclusions.
Weight in Carat
Know about the weight and size of a diamond.
Various certifications and their meaning.