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<span class="first">Since 1999, Diacan, A Canadian diamond company </span><span class="second"> located in Toronto has specialized in supplying wholesale diamonds in Canada.</span>

Canada Diamond - Who we Are

About us

DIACAN is a marriage of over 20 years combined experience in providing quality loose diamonds and fine jewellery to the Canadian marketplace at both the wholesale and retail levels.

As a major importer of polished diamonds direct from our own cutting centres, DIACAN is able to eliminate the middleman and offer the best prices in Canada! You'll notice all prices are given in Canadian dollars too, so there's no conversion rates or customs fees to be concerned about.

As for understanding the needs of our customer's, DIACAN's customer service representatives have a very long history of direct retail experience, and are capable of guiding you to an informed decision. From our centrally located offices in downtown Toronto, DIACAN is ready to provide you with the diamond you desire at the best possible price you can get!

Wholesale Diamonds in Canada

That's why you should turn to a name you can trust: DIACAN (Diamonds in Canada). We specialize in selling diamonds in Canada. At DIACAN, we've applied our extensive years of experience in the diamond industry to creating a Canadian company that offers exceptional quality, value and customer service. At DIACAN, there are no pushy salespeople, just experts who want to match the right diamond to the right person, at the lowest possible cost.

Our Low Prices Can't Be Beat

and neither can our selection. That's because DIACAN's wide assortment of loose diamonds comes from our own supplier centers in Canada, Israel, Belgium and Russia. All our diamonds come with an accredited appraisal in Canadian funds. The clarity, colour, cut and carat weight of each diamond is graded by GIA, AGS and Gem Scan. These certificates are accepted by all Canadian insurance companies.

Jewellery at Exceptional Savings

How do we do it? Our overhead is much lower than your local jeweller's. No store for us means savings for you. And unlike other online diamond companies, we're based in Canada. That means our prices are in Canadian funds, saving you money on shipping and handling, taxes and exchange rates. We're your best choice for buying diamonds and jewellery in Canada